Unix Basic Commands II

In Vlsi Industries an engineer must be strong in the Digital Design, Analog Design and he/she should be strong in scripting language, shell commands. Few basic shell commnads which are widely used

  • To change the permission of a file or directory
    • chmod ——used for changing the  write/read/execute permissions

u,g,o individually represent the permission for user/owner ,group and others in same order 4 stands for read 2 stands for write 1 stands for execute 0 stands for no permissions

  • chown——To change the owner and group of file  or directory
    • chown owner <file_name> –if only owner is given , that is user made owner of the given file and  file group is not changed
    • chown owner.group or owner:group <file_name> —  with this the user is made owner of the file   and the group of a file is changed