Unix Basic Commands I

In Vlsi Industries an engineer must be strong in the Digital Design, Analog Design and he/she should be strong in scripting language, shell commands. Few basic shell commnads which are widely used

  • To get the information of commands
    • man <command_name>
      ex: man cd
    • <command_name> –ls
      ex: cd —ls
  • To Change the Directory
    • cd <directory name/directory path>
      ex: cd directory name<or>directory path
      cd… ——– comes out of present directroy
  • To list out the files or directory in present location
    •  ls gives the list of files or sub directories in present directory
    • ls -a gives the list of hidden files
  • To link the file
    • ln <file_to_be_linked> instead of copying the file to we can link the file and thus save the space
  • To create a directory
    • mkdir <directory_name>
      ex: mkdir vlsispace
    • mkdir –p  <directory>/<sub_directory>  creates a directory and then creates a sub_directory
      ex: mkdir -p /vlsi/space
  • To create the files
    • touch  <file_name>  —— creates a empty file
    • vi<or>gvim<or>nedit <file_name> ——- this editors are used to create a file and the edit, save the files.
  • To remove the files or Directories
    • rmdir  <directory_name>—— removes the directory
    • rm <file_name> —— removes the file
    • rm –rf  <file_name>or <directory_name>—– remove the directory or file