does knowlege on Location of MEMORIES was important during mbist implementation

MBIST( Memory Built In Self Test) is implemented to test memories in the design for different types of faults. MBIST contains the processor and wrapper which will be wrapped arround the memories.The MBIST processor controlls the wrapper and generates various control signals during the memory testing. A design may have multiple processors depending on the number of memories, memory size, power, frequency and memory placement.

Memories which are placed near by are grouped together and controlled by single processor. Thereofore, we need the memory placement info to group the memories under a controller and this info was given to the DFT team in the form of DEF and floorplan snapshot. This info will be given by PD/PNR team.

What happens if memories are not grouped properly?
If memories are not grouped properly according to their physical location i.e memories under same processors are sitting at different corners. This will lead to MBIST logic spreading, which impacts on MBIST timing during the STA due to long paths or increase in congestion due to lots of criss-cross while implementing the PNR and also increases the unneccesary power consumtption.