VIM editor series II

Here is second post on the vi editor commands.
Insert a file content

:r file_name or file_path

example: Need to paste the info from file B to A      

           Copied the content to file A from file B using command :r B 

Repeat the Last Action 

. (dot or aka period or full stop)

  • Suppose you press dd to delete the line. Next if  you want to delete the next line you press dd or .(dot)
  • Suppose you press Hi and you like to repeat the action then just press .(dot) in normal mode of vi editor

Display the line numbers
enable the line number 

:set number or :set nu 

disable the line numbers

:set nonumber or :set nonu

Reversing the Order of lines 


:—- start the command line mode

g—- action will be taken all lines in the files
^—-matches the starting of the line
m—moves the elements
0—Is the destination line, beginning of the buffer

If i need to reverse the lines between a certain range(like between 30 and 40 lines), then we can use the following command

To control the position of split window
:set splitbelow or splitright

Undo and Redo
In normal mode conditions

  • use u for undo the action
  • cntrl+r for redo the action