CHISEL: Counter in Chisel

In digital systems counter is plays a main role. Counters are used to keep a track of events , time intervals and no of interrupts etc. . Counter can be programmed in many languages like verilog, c , c++ , java, python, chisel etc. In this post we will see how to program a counter in chisel language.

Design a counter which starts counting from 0 till 9 and reset to 0 once it counts till 9.

val cntSpace = RegInit (0.U (8.U))—> defines a 8 bit register which initialize to 0 upon reset signal
cntSpace := Mux( cntSpace ===9.U , 0.U, cntSpace + 1.U)

:= ——> update register
When the cntSpace reaches to 9, it will initialize to 0 otherwise the cntSpace will be incremented by one